viernes, 8 de julio de 2011

One way or another

Este es el primer writting de english que le gusta a Laura, es todo un mérito. En estos días lo subo en castellano, espero que les guste.
Since we were little kids, running around tables and playing with swords or beautiful dresses, our parents prepare us for the “BIG CHANGE”. You have to know hot to set the table, how to fix te tv wire, how to cook, and other useful things. We have to be ready for the change of our life and be mature enough to survive in the jungle.

I know you are excited to leave your house and you cannot wait to live alone. That would rock, but after you have moved to that expected city you wolud realized you have nothing to do there and your friends are gonna be too far to meet you for a talk. Yeha, I know reality sucks such as gravity (I really wanna fly) but I’m sorry to say this, your parents, without noticing are introducing fears in your mind.

What I’m traying to say is: You have to leave for a better future. Nobody says it was easy but nobody says you can´t.And yes, when we are alone we are kind of magnets that attract problems. So we have to choose the “easy way” staying at home and pretending we are going to be little kids forever or the “rocky way” falling down and standing up, trying to our best.

Rember, that it’s up to you and no-one else what you decide to do. Future is in your hands, so get out there and start enjoying it!

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